How this works

Here’s how you can book a consultancy session with a tangible (if digital) product at the end…

My consultancy is built around helping small business become self-sufficient in their use of email.

I’ve created a service bundle that introduces the most important topics and wraps them up in a set of useful and useable documents specific to each client’s own circumstances.

It’s a practical mix between off-the-shelf manual and bespoke consultancy.

Email Starter Package | €350

The Starter Bundle is for businesses who know that they want to get going with email, but just need a hand with first steps. With this bundle, most businesses should be ready to start running a basic email programme on their own in a matter of weeks.

The Bundle includes:


A Discovery Session

What email means to your business/operation.

  • What are the opportunities?

  • Where is there room for improvement?

  • What do you ultimately want to do achieve with email?


A Playbook

An action-oriented strategy document including:

  • A content calendar

  • using your ESP’s template & campaign builder

  • General ideas, direction and recommendations


Preflight & Checkins

A preflight check for your first couple of campaigns.

Check in conversations at six and twelve weeks.

Ready to get started?

The button below links to an online form. The questions in that form are the first part of the discovery process, detailing basic info and data about you and your business. It jump-starts the process and will allow us to spend more time talking about the good stuff – email!

Fill out the form, and I’ll get back to you with next steps.

A 20% down payment will be necessary to book the (virtual) in-person discovery session, with balance due before delivery of files.

There’s no obligation at this point.