Hi, I’m Anthony

Indie Email is my studio for making better email.

What I do

I help small owner-managed businesses use email tools to communicate more effectively with their customers, audiences and constituencies. 

My products and services are designed around building self-sufficiency and sustainable, profitable growth for my clients.

I offer affordable, accessible consultancy packages with tangible deliverables and within well-defined parameters, lowering the entry barrier for small businesses with limited resources.

…and what I don’t do

I’m not necessarily a specialist in any particular aspect of email design, writing, technology or marketing. I consider myself a generalist capable of diving deeper into specific areas when the opportunity comes up, or finding the right specialist to collaborate with.

What I’ve done

A couple of the most significant steps in my career so far:

Katapult Ltd | 2001 – 2008 Founded this design studio and branding agency with friends and fellow students when we left university. I worked as its senior designer creating brands and printed materials for small to medium enterprises, arts organisations and government initiatives in the English East Midlands and the UK.

MyFonts & Monotype | 2010 – 2018 Together with my friend and colleague Jab Middendorp, we ran a couple of monthly newsletters for the font retailer MyFonts. I did graphics, some text, some project management, some editorial and lots of mashing together of code until I found something that worked. I later joined MyFonts/Monotype fulltime for a couple of years, where I moved more towards the marketing and CRM side of email.

In and around these two long term positions, I’ve freelanced as a graphic designer, digital project manager, copywriter and marketing strategist.

I’m currently spending 60-70% of my time supporting two enterprises in their email, CRM and audience engagement activities through email.